Red Nose Day

Friday 30th June 2017


Red Nose Day FAQs

When is Red Nose Day?

Each year Red Nose Day is the last Friday in June.  Fundraising activities and events run for the entire month of June.

How can I support Red Nose Day?

You can support Red Nose Day throughout the entire month of June. There are a number of ways you can become involved including:

  • Sell Red Nose Day product at your workplace, to your family or friends or within your community.
  • Host a Red Nose fundraising activity and donate proceeds to Red Nose
  • Volunteer to help us sell product in and around your capital city / state on Red Nose Day
  • Fundraise online through the Red Nose Day Everyday Hero web page here.

I would like to make an order of Red Nose Day Product. How do I do this?

You can order product online here.

Where can I buy Red Nose Day product in store?

Red Nose Day product is sold nationally through the stores of our retail partners. See a list of our partners here.

Do I have to pay for my product order upfront?

You can elect to pay for your order upfront by using your MasterCard or Visa or PayPal.  By purchasing your product upfront you are helping Red Nose reduce administrative costs associated with Red Nose Day - so that's more money to help save Australian babies' lives.  A reminder, if you do purchase your product upfront, we can not offer a refund on anything you don't sell.

What is a consignment order?

Red Nose Day product is available on consignment.  When you order on consignment you'll receive your product to sell for the month of June along with a consignment notice.  At the end of June you'll then have the option to buy what you have left over, or return the unsold product to Red Nose along with the money for all of the product you have sold. Remember, by selling all of the Red Nose Day product you order, you're helping to reduce administrative costs associated with Red Nose Day - so that's more money to help save Australian babies' lives!

I have placed my order for product, how long should I expect before delivery?

Product orders are generally fulfilled and received with 3-5 business days.  We aim to get product out to you as quickly as possible to ensure you have the maximum time to sell what you have ordered.  Product delivery will not commence until early May, so remember if you order during April, your order will take longer to arrive.

I have received my product – what do I do now?

Check you have the correct product supplied. You can cross reference with your delivery docket/consignment notice supplied – it may be attached to the bottom your product box. Remember to START SELLING IMMEDIATELY! Keep the paperwork you have received – it’s important and has your Red Nose local office information.

I have nearly sold everything and need to get more product, what do I do?

It’s as easy as ordering. You can do one of three things:

  • Reorder online from the order product menu at the top of the website.
  • Contact your local Red Nose office with your order. Telephone 1300 1 RED NOSE (1300 173 366).
  • Fax your local Red Nose office with your reorder. Fax 1300 308 317. Remember to include your name and contact information so that we can get in touch with you!

When do online orders close?

You can order your product right up until Red Nose Day (the last Friday in June).  If you are ordering online, you'll have until the Friday before Red Nose Day to order - this allows us enough time to receive the order, pick and pack the product and send it out to you in time for Red Nose Day.  After this date you can call your local Red Nose office on 1300 1 RED NOSE (that's 1300 173 366) to order from them directly.  You may need to arrange collection of your product from their office, or chat to them about other courier arrangements to ensure you have you have received your order by Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day is over? What do I do with my money and/or leftover product?

Check to see you have received your consignment notice/invoice as this will have information about how to return your unsold product and bank monies for product sold.  This may have arrived with your initial product order, or have been sent seperately at the end of June.  If you can't locate this documentation, call 1300 1 RED NOSE (that's 1300 173 366) to speak with your local office about how to best return your unsold product and money.

What else can I do to show my support of Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day is all about having fun for a serious cause.  So get into the spirit and let your friends, family, customers and colleagues know you're supporting Red Nose Day and they can help too!  Remember you can buy product, host your own fundraising event, volunteer to help, or simply make a donation.  Everyone's support helps save more babies' lives!

I want to hold an event and fundraising for Red Nose Day.  What's the easiest and safest way for me to do this?

You can Fundraise online via the Red Nose Day website.  Simply click the link from the top menu of the website and set up your own fundraising page.  It's really easy and the process will walk you through everything you need to do.  You can then forward the link by email directly to friends, family and colleagues and ask them to support your event/activity by donating online.  The donations are tracked through a secure website to keep your personal information safe.

If someone asks for advice or wants to know more about Red Nose and their services what do I do?

For more information visit our website or call 1300 998 698.  For bereavement support  call 1300 308 307, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.