Red Nose Day

Friday 30th June 2017

Red Nose Day Background

Red Nose Day Background

kaareneKaarene Fitzgerald commenced the formation of the Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation Inc the day following the death of her son Glenn on July 10, 1977. As a result of this personal tragedy, Kaarene worked constantly and tirelessly to develop the Foundation into a vital and vibrant organisation.

The first Red Nose Day was held in Victoria in 1987. When the Red Nose Day campaign was initiated nationally in 1988, it was Kaarene who had the foresight and initiative to encourage the other member organisations of the National SIDS Council of Australia to use this unique method of fundraising.

Red Nose Day has been held annually ever year since and continues to be the major fundraiser for Red Nose as well as raising awareness of the issues surrounding sudden infant death.

Fundraising activities have contributed over $16.5 million to research and education programs to date.

Red Nose Day is held annually on the last Friday of June.

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